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What do I wear for my Boudoir Session? // Downers Grove Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Ok. So you booked your boudoir session with me and now you are freaking out a little. I know I did! I wish I had been given some guidance or a tool to at least give me some ideas, which is why I created them for YOU!!

Look, wear what is comfortable for you, or what makes you feel sexy, powerful or maybe even a little vulnerable. It really depends on the type of experience you want to have during your session. What are you trying to find out or confirm about yourself? How do you want to feel during your session or looking at your images?

I always tell my ladies to bring 4 - 5 options. During your hour or so of getting pampered, we'll work together to plan out outfits for each set we plan to photograph in. We usually start out a little more covered to get warmed up and switch things up as your comfort level grows - shedding those layers!

I have created a little lingerie guide for you to start with educating yourself on they types of lingerie and things to consider with each of them. I also created several Pinterest Boards for you to check out that are based on style. I am very inclusive in body shapes and sizes for each style so you can get a little inspiration for your session. Of course, the closet at The Farmhouse is stocked and you are welcome to use anything! I am fully stocked with sheer cover-ups, some romantic pieces, bodysuits and a couple unique vintage pieces.

After you get grounded... TIME TO GO SHOPPING!

The Tools:

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