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3 Things to Consider When Booking Your Boudoir Shoot // Chicago Boudoir Photographer

Booking a boudoir shoot can be exciting and overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help you find the boudoir photographer that is right for you.

Aesthetic: What type of photos are you drawn to?

Dark & moody, light & bright, something in between? Details, full body, mix of both? Emotive or just a pretty picture? Whatever it is, make sure you align yourself with a photographer capable of capturing you in the way you want.

Studio Space: Where does the photographer host their sessions?

Some boudoir photographers don't have dedicated space, so you'll be renting a hotel or airbnb. Others have more of a commercial studio space - think minimalistic with backdrops and studio lighting. Some have curated sets that feel like a natural setting for wandering around in your undies.

Experience: I mean this in two ways....

ONE: What do they offer as part of your shoot? Do you have to coordinate your own beauty professional (if you want it) or does the photographer manage that? Do they sell fine art printed product or just digital? You likely don't want to go print these boudie shots out at Walgreens.

TWO: Boudoir is a very intimate type of photography. You want to work with someone that knows what they are doing and makes you feel comfortable. Meet with them on the phone or video chat. Ask to see larger galleries, look for consistency in their work, read the reviews, ask about their training. How will they support you before, during and after the session to ensure you look your best?

Everyone is different, so I hope these questions help you in your process. If you'd like to learn a little more about me and my services, I am just a click away!

I'm celebrating my 10 year photography business anniversary this year. I'm published and a member of an international boudoir association (AIBP). I spend at LEAST 40 hours a year training on my craft. I offer a full service experience in my home studio and I only sell and print with professional printing companies to ensure you ALWAYS look like a piece of art.



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