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Hello Gorgeous

Thanks for wanting to learn a little more about me... 

My "WHY" for photographing women & boudoir in particular is a huge motivator for my work.  Throughout my life, I have struggled with body image and self confidence issues.  At 40-something, I still struggle with it.

The opportunity to photograph women and offer them an empowering perspective of themselves makes my heart happy.  To help them feel confident, sexy, strong & have a story worth sharing is everything to me. 

I love movement, shapes and laughs. I am in awe of sculptures, sketches & dance that exemplify the how gorgeous & capable the female form is. 

Yes, we will have happy tears together at your image reveal & I cannot wait for it! 


"On the cover of the Rolling Stone"... well kinda. Check out the cover of Philosophie, an International Boudoir Magazine. 

Theme - JOY


Association of International Boudoir Photographers
Chamber of Commerce Boudoir Photographer
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  • best chicago boudoir photography
  • best chicago boudoir photography
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