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5 Things To Do Before Your Boudoir Shoot // Chicago Boudoir Photographer

Preparing for your boudoir can be stressful if you let it be. Take a breath and follow these 5 simple steps to prep for your best boudoir experience.

  1. Drink Water! Drinking water does lots of things for you. Staying properly hydrated can help you sleep better, reduce bloat, flushes toxins and help your skin glow. My go-to is water with lemon or of course sparkling waters of all flavors. Stay away from soda and juices the week of your session and remember for every cup of coffee should be "chased" with 2 cups of water to balance you out.

  2. Try all your wardrobe pieces on. Make sure everything fits, not pinching you in the wrong spots or covers what you want it to. If you have questions about a piece, bring it and we can decide together. The day of your shoot SHOULD NOT be the first time you are trying on lingerie.

  3. Personal Care. If you are someone who regularly waxes, facials, spray tans, colors your hair or gets your nails done, follow your routine. Check with your provider to make sure your appointment timing allows for you to be recovered and looking your best the day of your shoot. DO NOT do something NEW the week of your session. If you are uncomfortable with what was done, it will show in your images. I will correct minor things but if you show up looking like an Oompa Loompa we are going to have issues.

  4. Moisturize. Same vain as staying hydrated, you want your skin looking as flawless as it can naturally. This is especially important for my winter clients. You want to glow!

  5. RELAX. All this said, I am here to support you in all the ways possible. If you have questions or concerns ahead of the session, I am just a text away. Between myself and professional beauty team, we got you!

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