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Professional Beautification // Chicago Boudoir Photographer

There are so many reasons I include professional hair & makeup as part of my client’s boudoir experience. Some, I admit, are selfish reasons but the vast majority are for YOU.

When you arrive, you are greeted with some smiling faces ready to help you navigate creating a look that is authentically you. Hair & Makeup application typically takes about 90min and this a great time for us all to settle in, talk about the shoot, what’s going on in life and bring the anxiety down a notch. Champagne gets popped or that 2nd cup of coffee gets poured. The real meat and potatoes of prepping you physically & mentally for the session happens here.

Based on your wardrobe, personal style, signature features and vibe you are looking to portray in your photoshoot, these pro’s can guide you and execute that vision! Whether you are a natural babe or total glamazon, having some level of professional makeup for a photoshoot like this is very important. We aren’t taking selfies with filters over here! We’ve got hi-tech gear that is going to capture every lash and every pore.

Including professional hair and makeup allows me to maintain my brand esthetics (which is why you are here). I don't like to liquify my clients when editing their images. I want them to have skin texture and look like real humans. No plastic barbie dolls over here! You can find that look at your nearest big box boudoir studio.

With the pro beauty application, you can rest assured you will look and feel your best! Feeling comfortable and confident are key components to an amazing photoshoot.

Are you ready to join us for a session? Inquiry for booking HERE



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