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Are you ready to shoot nude? // Chicago Boudoir Photographer

Creating nude (semi-nude) art with your boudoir photographer takes bravery and trust. It can be liberating, self exploratory, scary as shit and can even lead to self appreciation. It certainly makes your wardrobe decisions very easy!

Since the Middle Ages, the female form has been scrutinized, demeaned and used as "sinful" propaganda. Can you image?! Thankfully in the 1400's that all started to change. Appreciation for women's bodies began to grow. Painters, sculptors, sketchers & photographers alike expressed their admiration for the contrasting and complex qualities that make up a woman. Their admiration has created some of the world's most famous pieces of art.

Now, I get it. Shooting nude sounds super scary. Exposed. No where to hide. BUT, that's where the raw, complex and unique lies.

I've had clients tell me that getting naked with me was easy. It's like hanging out with a friend. Listen, we all have the same parts. No judgements. I don't care if you didn't shave, one boob is a little bigger than the other, that love handle is a little too loving. Serious, who the fuck cares?! This art is for you and whomever you wish to share it with.

Are you ready to own your place in your history as a piece of art?


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  • best chicago boudoir photography
  • best chicago boudoir photography
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