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Get to Know Sarah // Downers Grove Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

When I tell people I am a Boudoir Photographer, I get a variety of reactions. Some are misguided and judgemental, some are truly intrigued and others were just unaware the genera existed.

"What's that?!"

"Ohhh.... interesting" with a blushing face

"I could never do that. Have you done your own?"

"Oh, Smut"

"I've always wanted to do that"

Regardless of the response, when I have the opportunity to tell them my WHY, ladies wanna know more. It's been a journey of self hate, self love, self sabotage, self reflection to find my WHY and be ok with sharing it. Being vulnerable sucks but here we go!

Over the last 7 years, my passion for photography has grown exponentially. My hunger for learning more, getting better in all aspects and carving out my niche is unrivaled. The addiction to improving most likely comes from over 20 years of elite and collegiate gymnastics.

I have debated about how personal I get with this. I don't want it to be a sob story because, honestly others have had it worse than me. Over 20 years of training for perfection. Many years of 40 hours+ a week training for perfection. Enduring emotional abuse, public body shaming and mocking in front of my peers all in the name of perfection. I dealt with eating disorders, body dysmorphia, depression and sub-zero self confidence all while being a US National Gymnastics Team member & Division I scholarship athlete. Granted my university years were not abusive but the emotional damage was done. I self sabotaged A LOT and had extremely low self value, ultimately leading to an underwhelming collegiate gymnastics career. Luckily for me I was surrounded with family, friends and college coaches that always had my back and got me through some dark shit.

Gymnastics is why I am constantly trying to please people. Gymnastics is why I am constantly judging myself while in the same breathe telling another woman to love herself the way she is. Gymnastics is why I want other women to NEVER feel like I did. Gymnastics is part of my WHY. But listen, there are also amazing things that gymnastics gave me; tons of amazing women in my life, a crazy ass work ethic, an eye for shapes and movement, and an appreciation for what our bodies can do.

Providing a Boudoir experience to women of all shapes, sizes, motivations and stories has been life changing. I am able to connect with women on the daily. We laugh. We cry. We have a therapy session. We do a lot of stupid dance moves. It's a blast. It's also a little bit of healing for me. Every woman that I photograph and provide an experience that gives them images that helps them find something about themselves they love makes my heart happy....




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