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Downers Grove Boudoir Photographer // Maternity Portraits Celebrates a Woman's Strength

Client Guest Blog: Gina Main

Growing up we were always told “if you have sex you’ll get pregnant”, right? Wrong! 1 in 8 couples will experience infertility issues.

After one full year of trying to conceive naturally with no success, my husband and I decided it was time to talk to a specialist. After running multiple tests & procedures we were able to pinpoint our “issue”.

Great, wonderful! Now we know. Let’s get the show on the road! Sign us up for whatever, let’s make a baby!

Little did we know what lied ahead...The next year and a half would be one of the toughest, most emotional and unpredictable roller coaster rides of our life. Countless appointments, tests, procedures, pricks & pokes, pounds, medicines, a pandemic, heartbreaks, tears and dollars later, we finally heard those words we had been longing to hear...YOU’RE PREGNANT.

Looking back it seemed unbearable at times. There were many times we almost gave up but we remained positive, kept fighting & most importantly leaned on each other for support. In the end, every single minute was worth it. Friday, February 5, 2021 We will welcome our little miracle into this world.

I was so incredibly blessed to have an amazing pregnancy. I loved every single second of it! My favorite part has been feeling her move around inside me. Each little kick, poke or full on jab reminds me that I am growing a tiny miracle inside of me. I get to bring her into this world. It had been truly amazing watching my body adapt and make the changes it needs to in order to carry and protect this human life.

I chose to book a maternity boudoir session with Sarah so that one day I could look back and embrace every physical, emotional and mental change that my body made during this beautiful time in my life. And because I FOUGHT pretty damn hard for it!

During my session with Sarah I felt sexy, confident, and SO beautiful. I couldn’t stop smiling when we finished up. The anticipation and excitement to get the pictures back was REAL & let me tell you she NAILED IT! The images she captured were even better than I imagined! I think I’ve looked at each image at least 100 times. I feel like a SEXY, BADASS women!

Not to mention My husband’s reaction when he saw the photos. When he saw them, his jaw dropped and he said “ I can’t believe that’s MY wife, you are absolutely gorgeous.” He has been absolutely AMAZING throughout my entire pregnancy and has loved every square inch of my pregnant body.

I want to take a second to encourage any couples struggling to start a family to keep fighting. Stay positive, talk about it, share your story, lean on each other, communicate & keep moving forward. I promise you in the end it’ll make you that much stronger and all of your sacrifice and heartbreak will be worth it.

You’re time will come in whatever way that may be 🤍

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