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The Modest Gal & Boudoir // Downers Grove Boudoir Photographer

I think I've stopped and started this blog a dozen times. I've been trying to understand the modest gal a little better. Really build her character so people can identify with her. But then, duh, she is me in some ways. She is 90% of my clients in some way.

A woman who doesn't find herself sexy.

A woman who might not be feeling worthy.

A woman who may not feel comfortable communicating HER needs.

A woman who doesn't own lingerie but can rock some cheekies when no one is looking.

A woman who struggling with owning her sexuality.

A woman who is uncomfortable in form-fitting clothes.

A woman who does more for others than herself.

A woman who doesn't own a pair of heels.

A woman who rarely does anything extravagant or extreme.

A woman who finds it hard accept a compliment.

A woman who doesn't like to be the center of attention.

When I think about this Modest Gal and why she might be considering a boudoir session, I'm immediately ready for all of it! She's probably thought about this for months or even years. She is still unsure why she signed up but has something is pushing her out of her comfort zone. I don't take her decision to work with me lightly.

I am excited for her to do something for herself.

I am nervous for her to jump outside her comfort zone.

I am ready to be her cheerleader.

I am happy to hold her hand.

I am here for the breakthrough, even if it is only for the few hours she is with me.

Are you a modest gal and don't think a boudoir session is for you? I've photographed so many modest gals and I craft an experience just for you as an individual. I am here to help you explore your inhibitions, express a new persona or just capture images that will make you feel pretty. A boudoir session is what you make of it. It is just an intimate photo session that is designed to celebrate your essence.

Be brave. Be confident. Be true to you.



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