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Planning Your Boudoir Aesthetic // Downers Grove Boudoir Photographer

Guest Blog: Brand Ambassador, Mom of 2 and Small Business Owner, Jess D

How to do a Vintage Hollywood Inspired Boudoir Shoot

In my third boudoir shoot with Inspired Eye Boudoir, I decided I wanted to do a different look than I had done previously. My first shoot I didn’t really know what the heck I was doing and just sort of winged it with some lingerie I had gotten from my bachelorette party years ago and an oversized off the shoulder shirt I had bought off of Amazon. The second shoot I wanted to be much more edgy. Almost everything I wore for that shoot was black and I had just highlighted my hair to almost platinum blonde. For this last shoot though, I decided on a softer, more romantic look: vintage Hollywood glam. This era has always fascinated me, I mean who doesn’t see black and white photos of Greta Garbo, Elizabeth Taylor or Grace Kelly and just fall in love with the look? So, I’m going to walk you through what I did to get the vision I wanted.

I first started with picking some outfits that I thought passed the vintage Hollywood glam (VHG from now on) vibe check. These are the ones I ended up buying.

I loved the high waisted look of this! I liked that it was a two piece look, but still gave a lot of coverage.

The satin look with the hint of lace really felt luxe to me. I loved how this was a sexy romper but still had a very soft, vintage look to it.

I had originally bought this for my previous shoot but didn’t use it. It actually worked perfectly for this look though.

Other accessories I wore were earrings that were just simple studs from Kate Spade, my bar necklace with my name engraved on it and my wedding rings. I also brought a vintage black fox fur coat that I thrifted about a decade ago in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For shoes I had black suede 4” block heels or I just went barefoot.

Now the fun part: hair and makeup. I had these images pinned from Pinterest and showed them to Sarah's pro hair and makeup artist, Ann. We decided on a modern take of the VHG look with a winged cat eye liner, softer makeup and a pink lip to start. Later we worked in a red lip look as well. Check out my inspiration and final look!

This was one of my favorite hair and makeup looks I have had! The VHG curls look good on pretty much anyone, and it’s fairly popular in the bridal world right now, so chances are your hairstylist is familiar with doing this style. I hope this was helpful if you were wanting to try out a vintage look for your boudoir shoot! Would you try out a themed shoot or is a classic boudoir look more your style? Tell us, we would love to know!



Check out the finished product!

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