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Our new set is ready for YOU! // Downers Grove Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Neon lights have been a recent trend in fashion and boudoir photography. I thought the concept was cool but of course wanted my own spin on it. My vision was a little fuzzy for a while and finally I stumbled upon these vertical lights that instantly grabbed my attention.

These lights looked a little like light sabers on a stand. I thought about depth of image and light direction and started to get really excited. I tried explaining things to my husband who usually helps bring my designs to life. It really took some doing... hahaha... he didn't quite get it immediately.... after our near divorce (not really) at Home Depot, we eventually worked it out.

Side-bar -- Matt, my husband, and I approach project so differently. We are both scientist. I want to jump in with a 50% baked idea, get dirty and figure it out. Matt is a PLANNER.

When you look at the set, it doesn't seem like much but that is where I get to work my magic. Soft white light, directional placement in the right places to enhance all the right things. You bring the attitude. I'll get the camera.

I'll be ready and waiting for your call, email or DM. XO


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