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Downers Grove Photography // Colorado River Boudoir Shoot

Whenever I go on vacation, I also try to squeeze in a quick boudoir shoot with a local lady. My shoot in Colorado was a extra special because I got to reconnect with Liz!

Liz and I first met in St. Louis at a photography conference. She is a stunning human inside and out! She's been published internationally and has worked with some of my photography heros. Back in 2017 we created one of my all time favorite images.

When I found out she happened to be moving to one of the towns we were planning to visits during our 2020 Coronavirus roadtrip to Colorado, I had to see if she was free! All the stars aligned and we got to work on location planning. Liz scoped a spot I found on Google Maps and sent me an awesome video to confirm it was perfect. Of course, in Glenwood Springs, there aren't many bad options.

We met up just after sunrise in a gorgeous canyon, carved out by the Colorado River and made quick work of some naturally magical images. The whole session was organic, natural and freeing. I didn't carry out any additional lighting. I really wanted it to be simple and allow for the natural beauty of Liz and her environment to create their own light. CHECK IT OUT BELOW

Who else is interested in getting out into the wild?! Let's get planning for summer in IL. I know some secret spots we can play at. Connect with me!


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  • best chicago boudoir photography
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