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Downers Grove Boudoir Photography // Boudoir for Moms

Mothers are some of my most deserving clients. You are constantly giving to others. You are cooks, teachers, cleaners, race car drivers, nurses, therapists and event coordinators.... among many other things.

This mother of two is a perfect example for NEEDING a little downtime and a reconnection moment. Two tweens in sports and theater. Keeping up with them and their social media accounts is enough to tire anyone out! On top of this, she runs a very successful hair salon and manages some personal health issues.

ND came to me wanting to create a fabulous 40th birthday gift for her husband. This session quickly turned into something all about her. Feeling herself. Feeling her best. Reclaiming her body, her health, her positive attitude and her energy throughout.

40 and FABULOUS is an understatement for this mama bear. So proud of her!

You don't need to know how to pose. You don't need piles of lingerie. You don't even need to be feeling "hot". Our experience is designed to coach you through the process from start to finish, all while creating images that will remind you of how amazing you really are!



Are you a mamma bear ready for some downtime? Come see me and get the pampering you deserve. CONTACT ME


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  • best chicago boudoir photography
  • best chicago boudoir photography
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