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Downers Grove Boudoir Photography // Boudoir Beauty Guest Blog

Guest Blog from our Resident Beauty Pro, Sophia DeFrancesco. Owner of Sophia Bella Beauty and Co-Owner of The Bridal Beauty Team

I am a people watcher. As a hair & makeup artist my eyes are always admiring the beauty of other people. I find the most beautiful people are those that exude confidence—this is precisely what inspires my artistry in boudoir. Pinterest can be a great source of photographic inspiration, but remember to asked yourself, “WHAT MAKES ME FEEL CONFIDENT?”

Let me guide you through our hair & makeup consultation for your boudoir session....

Before even meeting you, Sarah gives me a run down on what she’s learned about you. Understanding what led you to experience boudoir, lifestyle influences and style, which helps me tune into your vibe. It also seriously amps me up to celebrate your beauty!

On your session day, Sarah always begins by giving a tour of the farmhouse studio. From there you will work together on selecting and organizing wardrobe. Wardrobe inspires me most and plays a major role in tailoring your beauty to your personal style. The colors, textures and attitude your wardrobe sends should be equal or better to your beauty.

At this point it’s, time for our consultation, pampering and champagne! Our conversation typically starts with,

“Tell me a little bit about hair/makeup and how you’d like to look today?”

Inspirational photos are an excellent conversation starter to decide on your likes & dislikes. If you haven’t prepared photos before-hand—it’s no biggie! I’ll ask questions that organically come up in our discussion and help direct me to zeroing in on your personal look.

"How do you like your hair?"

I am well versed in all types of hair textures and styles. Boudoir style has various finished looks, like beach waves, big curls, smooth waves, voluminous & blown-out. I’ll have reference photos for ya to help you decide. It's all about you, so I am ready for anything!

Other questions you made hear me ask:

Do you have any concerns about your hair?

Have you ever had airbrush makeup before?

Would you like your skin coverage to be light, medium or full?

Do you prefer your skin to look matte or glowing?

On your eyes, what level of intensity are you comfortable with: Light, Moderate, or all the glam?

Do you like shimmers/sparkles or do you prefer more matte eye shadow?

Would you like to wear false lashes?

What tones do you typically gravitate towards for your lip color?

The great thing is, you just have to have an opinion! You don't need to know what any of this is or means because I will be sharing examples and palettes for you to choose from.

With a collaborative approach, I will offer suggestions based on our conversation, your hair and facial features, and of course wardrobe =). I reiterate to all our boudoir babes that this experience is for YOU. I want you to feel as confident as ever when we reveal the finished product. Please don’t be shy about asking for adjustments — I am always happy to make them!

Check out our latest work below! Love what you see? Call or email Sarah! -----> CONTACT



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