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Deserving Mom gets her groove back // Downers Grove Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

This past spring in celebration of opening my boudoir studio space in my home, I decided to do a makeover giveaway. Contestants wrote in with why they felt they deserved to be pampered. There were so many amazing stories from love lost, weight loss journeys to a series of terrible luck. One that really caught my eye was MB's story.

She's a mom of 3 gorgeous kids. Former athlete with a great coaching career. Happily married to a supportive husband. #blessed.

NOW.... Here's why I picked MB.

I am not a mom. I don't have any ambitions to be one but I have lots of mom friends and hear the stories about breastfeeding. I had even a few of my co-workers getting together to go all "Office Space" on their pumps. Bottom line. Yes, breastfeeding is a beautiful thing but it kinda sucks in many ways haha.

MB chose to continue pumping and donating her excess breast milk to preemie babies between her own children and after her third. She sacrificed having her own body back from motherhood to help others and in all donated 13,000oz or 101 GALLONS of breast milk over a 36month period. Absolutely incredible and selfless.

After deciding to end her donations, she started working hard to get her swimmer body back. Of course, after 3 babies and months of added stress to the body, no one looks exactly the same. Not looking the same doesn't make you less, it just makes you different and different can be even more sexy than before. MB wanted to celebrate what she'd been through and how far she'd come.

During MB's time in the beauty chair, we got to know each other a little more. She's a sweet, self deprecating lady with some serious sexy confidence hidden below. We had such an amazing shoot and her images are to die for! MB ordered an album to commemorate your session. It was a gift to herself and her loving husband for supporting her through her donation journey. I think her hubby is still drooling over it and MB has a bounce in her step.

I am so proud of MB and her journey and could not be more happy for her.

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