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Boudoir. It's for every BODY // Downers Grove Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Every chance I get, I will advocate for ANY woman to do an intimate boudoir session. These sessions are so personal because you are stripped down, vulnerable and there is nothing to hide YOU. Every woman reacts differently to being in that situation and I am trained know how to take that anxiety or nervousness and turn it into something incredible that highlights the real you. Your personality. Your best features. Your big laughs. Your sultry glances. All the things that your partner loves about you.

I find many of my clients wanting to do boudoir sessions as part of their wedding process. Yes, the images make for great wedding gifts to your partner. The session is an amazing confidence booster, especially if they have been working hard to get in shape for their wedding day. It is even a way to destress and break from the craziness of wedding planning.

For all my clients, I offer a full experience. Boudoir is a luxury item and should be treated as such. You are handled with care from the minute you inquire to the delivery of your images. At Inspired Eye Photography, I use questionnaires, lingerie guides, inspiration boards, self-care guides and good old-fashioned calls or coffee meetings to help understand my clients’ style, concerns and vision. I also include Hair and Makeup by certified professionals for all my sessions to make sure their look is completely polished.

Don't think you are the "sexy-type"?? Not to worry. That's why you hire a pro! I am here to walk you through the process!

Upon arrival, we pop champagne (or whatever beverage you'd like), gab in the studio and get comfortable with each other while you are getting pampered. We’ll also go through the wardrobe you brought or raid my studio closet to map out the best options for our session. Working in personal pieces and style into the session is so important to make it your own. I provide the guidance on posing, actions and general foolishness to coax the best confident, stunning woman out to play.... even if that means awkwardly demonstrating every pose just to get a laugh out of you!

The boudoir experience is all about you. Get to know yourself better and feel confident and uber sexy.

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